SRUS41 KBOX 191318  
.A X4190724 0718 Z DH2127/DVH5/PPV 2.01"LAT=41.873300 LON=-72.369900 TOLLAND SOCIAL MEDIA "/  
.A X4210727 0719 Z DH0051/DVH9/PPV 1.29"LAT=42.123200 LON=-72.653100 WEST SPRINGFIELD MESONET "/  
.A X4210721 0719 Z DH1306/DVH21/PPV 1.42"LAT=42.111206 LON=-72.148411 EAST BRIMFIELD CO-OP OBSERVER "/  
.A X4200723 0719 Z DH0056/DVH9/PPV 1.34"LAT=41.983300 LON=-72.283300 STAFFORD MESONET "/  
.A X4280710 0719 Z DH0129/DVH9/PPV 1.11"LAT=42.760300 LON=-71.031898 GROVELAND HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4220718 0719 Z DH0123/DVH9/PPV 1.56"LAT=42.194401 LON=-71.836098 AUBURN HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4210724 0719 Z DH0058/DVH9/PPV 1.28"LAT=42.066700 LON=-72.416700 HAMPDEN MESONET "/  
.A X4200725 0719 Z DH0055/DVH9/PPV 1.26"LAT=41.983300 LON=-72.450000 SOMERS MESONET "/  
.A X4210721 0719 Z DH0125/DVH9/PPV 1.58"LAT=42.108299 LON=-72.079201 STURBRIDGE HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4210721 0719 Z DH0114/DVH9/PPV 1.42"LAT=42.108299 LON=-72.079201 STURBRIDGE HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4190721 0719 Z DH0101/DVH9/PPV 0.99"LAT=41.866700 LON=-72.116700 ASHFORD MESONET "/  
.A X4240712 0719 Z DH0130/DVH10/PPV 1.04"LAT=42.447201 LON=-71.224998 LEXINGTON HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4230716 0719 Z DH0134/DVH10/PPV 1.01"LAT=42.345798 LON=-71.552803 MARLBOROUGH HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4220726 0719 Z DH0103/DVH9/PPV 0.87"LAT=42.175900 LON=-72.573100 CHICOPEE MESONET "/  
.A X4260714 0719 Z DH0121/DVH9/PPV 1.64"LAT=42.599701 LON=-71.367798 CHELMSFORD HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4210725 0719 Z DH1304/DVH21/PPV 1.84"LAT=42.115000 LON=-72.539000 SPRINGFIELD EMERGENCY MNGR "/  
.A X4210725 0719 Z DH0052/DVH9/PPV 1.82"LAT=42.115000 LON=-72.539000 SPRINGFIELD MESONET "/  
.A X4200723 0719 Z DH0142/DVH10/PPV 2.25"LAT=41.993900 LON=-72.259201 STAFFORDVILLE COOP OBSERVER "/  
.A 06-7958 0719 Z DH0202/DVH10/PPV 2.25"LAT=41.993900 LON=-72.259201 STAFFORDVILLE NONE "/  
.A 06-7958 0718 Z DH2123/DVH5/PPV 0.80"LAT=41.993900 LON=-72.259201 STAFFORDVILLE NONE "/  
.A X4210725 0719 Z DH0054/DVH9/PPV 2.12"LAT=42.066700 LON=-72.516700 EAST LONGMEADOW MESONET "/  
.A X4200726 0719 Z DH0105/DVH9/PPV 0.92"LAT=41.966700 LON=-72.566700 ENFIELD MESONET "/  
.A X4210717 0719 Z DH1207/DVH20/PPV 0.55"LAT=42.150000 LON=-71.650000 NORTHBRIDGE CO-OP OBSERVER "/  
.A X4200724 0719 Z DH0112/DVH9/PPV 1.26"LAT=41.985298 LON=-72.446701 SOMERS HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4190719 0719 Z DH1306/DVH21/PPV 0.99"LAT=41.945098 LON=-71.910906 WEST THOMPSON CO-OP OBSERVER "/  
.A X4210725 0719 Z DH0111/DVH9/PPV 1.53"LAT=42.064400 LON=-72.513100 EAST LONGMEADOW HAM RADIO "/  
.A 10-293 0719 Z DH1301/DVH21/PPV 1.11"LAT=42.075001 LON=-72.033897 SOUTHBRIDGE TRAINED SPOTTER "/  
.A X4210726 0719 Z DH0348/DVH12/PPV 3.40"LAT=42.069401 LON=-72.615303 AGAWAM HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4210726 0719 Z DH0255/DVH11/PPV 3.27"LAT=42.069401 LON=-72.615303 AGAWAM HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4200720 0719 Z DH0057/DVH9/PPV 1.17"LAT=41.950000 LON=-71.983300 WOODSTOCK MESONET "/  
.A 07-111 0719 Z DH1142/DVH20/PPV 0.10"LAT=42.506401 LON=-71.073303 WAKEFIELD TRAINED SPOTTER "/  
.A X4260713 0719 Z DH0118/DVH9/PPV 1.22"LAT=42.633301 LON=-71.316704 LOWELL HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4200726 0719 Z DH0052/DVH9/PPV 1.18"LAT=42.047800 LON=-72.570100 LONGMEADOW MESONET "/  
.A X4180719 0719 Z DH0058/DVH9/PPV 1.22"LAT=41.800000 LON=-71.883300 DANIELSON MESONET "/  
.A X4240710 0718 Z DH2324/DVH7/PPV 0.97"LAT=42.395900 LON=-71.033500 CHELSEA SOCIAL MEDIA "/  
.A X4210728 0719 Z DH0050/DVH9/PPV 1.15"LAT=42.138900 LON=-72.756000 WESTFIELD MESONET "/  
.A X4190719 0719 Z DH0116/DVH9/PPV 1.21"LAT=41.915001 LON=-71.909401 PUTNAM HAM RADIO "/  


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