SRUS41 KBOX 100207  
.A X4220727 0109 Z DH2042/DVH16/UPV 43"LAT=42.159720 LON=-72.712780 WESTFIELD-BARNES AP ASOS "/  
.A X4160713 0109 Z DH1812/DVH13/UPV 43"LAT=41.563800 LON=-71.332400 NEWPORT MESONET "/  
.A X4220711 0109 Z DH1915/DVH14/UPV 46"LAT=42.249401 LON=-71.066704 MILTON HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4250708 0109 Z DH2140/DVH17/UPV 43"LAT=42.513321 LON=-70.816383 CHILDREN'S ISLAND MESONET "/  
.A X4250729 0109 Z DH1600/DVH11/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.515301 LON=-72.916702 PLAINFIELD HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4130701 0109 Z DH1601/DVH11/UPV 40"LAT=41.253100 LON=-70.060800 NANTUCKET AP ASOS "/  
.A X4170710 0109 Z DH1757/DVH13/UPV 43"LAT=41.675280 LON=-70.956940 NEW BEDFORD AP ASOS "/  
.A X4170722 0109 Z DH1521/DVH10/UPV 40"LAT=41.741940 LON=-72.183610 WILLIMANTIC AP ASOS "/  
.A X4180714 0109 Z DH1935/DVH15/UPV 41"LAT=41.762039 LON=-71.374207 SABIN POINT MESONET "/  
.A X4170703 0109 Z DH1707/DVH12/UPV 40"LAT=41.671940 LON=-70.269720 HYANNIS AP ASOS "/  
.A X4160708 0109 Z DH1819/DVH13/UPV 44"LAT=41.583225 LON=-70.824486 WEST ISLAND MESONET "/  
.A X4130717 0109 Z DH2055/DVH16/UPV 43"LAT=41.342937 LON=-71.692665 NINIGRET POND MESONET "/  
.A X4230710 0109 Z DH1817/DVH13/UPV 44"LAT=42.326300 LON=-71.047997 CARSON BEACH MESONET "/  
.A X4140709 0109 Z DH1449/DVH10/UPV 48"LAT=41.420941 LON=-70.929202 CUTTYHUNK AMATEUR RADIO "/  
.A X4160712 0109 Z DH2009/DVH15/UPV 42"LAT=41.560219 LON=-71.219810 NEWPORT MESONET "/  
.A X4240711 0109 Z DH1542/DVH11/UPV 47"LAT=42.375000 LON=-71.106102 CAMBRIDGE HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4230730 0109 Z DH1832/DVH14/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.279202 LON=-72.979202 CHESTER HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4220707 0109 Z DH1903/DVH14/UPV 41"LAT=42.200489 LON=-70.716637 SCITUATE MESONET "/  
.A X4160703 0109 Z DH1831/DVH14/UPV 44"LAT=41.634941 LON=-70.276947 KALMUS MESONET "/  
.A X4230719 0109 Z DH1609/DVH11/US 31"LAT=42.270560 LON=-71.873060 WORCESTER AP ASOS "/  
.A X4150714 0109 Z DH1815/DVH13/UPV 41"LAT=41.454689 LON=-71.397186 BEAVERTAIL MESONET "/  
.A X4140706 0109 Z DH1546/DVH11/UPV 43"LAT=41.392980 LON=-70.615880 MARTHAS VINEYARD AP ASOS "/  
.A X4230719 0109 Z DH1609/DVH11/UPV 43"LAT=42.270560 LON=-71.873060 WORCESTER AP ASOS "/  
.A X4230719 0109 Z DH1449/DVH10/UPV 43"LAT=42.270560 LON=-71.873060 WORCESTER AP ASOS "/  
.A X4230709 0109 Z DH2050/DVH16/UPV 43"LAT=42.306568 LON=-70.892517 HULL MESONET "/  
.A X4150707 0109 Z DH1523/DVH10/UPV 47"LAT=41.526402 LON=-70.673599 WOODS HOLE HAM RADIO "/  
.A X4150713 0109 Z DH1816/DVH13/UPV 40"LAT=41.532200 LON=-71.283610 NEWPORT AP ASOS "/  
.A X4260707 0109 Z DH1847/DVH14/UPV 44"LAT=42.582573 LON=-70.672348 DOG BAR BREAKWATER MESONET "/  
.A X4240710 0109 Z DH1750/DVH13/UPV 40"LAT=42.360560 LON=-71.010560 LOGAN AP ASOS "/  
.A X4260729 0109 Z DH1430/DVH10/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.574200 LON=-72.868000 EAST HAWLEY CO-OP OBSERVER "/  
.A X4170714 0109 Z DH1718/DVH12/US 31"LAT=41.722490 LON=-71.432470 TF GREEN AP ASOS "/  
.A X4190727 0109 Z DH1953/DVH15/US 31"LAT=41.938060 LON=-72.682500 BRADLEY AP ASOS "/  
.A X4170713 0109 Z DH1719/DVH12/UPV 47"LAT=41.670100 LON=-71.279300 BRISTOL MESONET "/  
.A X4170714 0109 Z DH1550/DVH11/UPV 41"LAT=41.722490 LON=-71.432470 TF GREEN AP ASOS "/  
.A X4170714 0109 Z DH1723/DVH12/UPV 40"LAT=41.722490 LON=-71.432470 TF GREEN AP ASOS "/  
.A X4190727 0109 Z DH1953/DVH15/UPV 41"LAT=41.938060 LON=-72.682500 BRADLEY AP ASOS "/  


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