SRUS41 KALY 160017  
.A X4230733 0415 Z DH2148/DVH22/PPV 0.58"LAT=42.29069 LON=-73.32138 STOCKBRIDGE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260745 0415 Z DH2156/DVH22/PPV 0.86"LAT=42.63712 LON=-74.50283 WARNERVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4210737 0415 Z DH2247/DVH23/PPV 0.53"LAT=42.09087 LON=-73.67557 TAGHKANIC WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4310738 0416 Z DH0010/DVH24/PPV 0.64"LAT=43.08410 LON=-73.77546 SARATOGA SPRINGS WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4310738 0415 Z DH2301/DVH23/PPV 0.52"LAT=43.08410 LON=-73.77546 SARATOGA SPRINGS WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300739 0415 Z DH2207/DVH22/PPV 0.33"LAT=42.97060 LON=-73.86416 BALLSTON SPA WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4200736 0415 Z DH2250/DVH23/PPV 0.33"LAT=42.04518 LON=-73.58640 ANCRAMDALE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4230731 0415 Z DH2156/DVH22/PPV 0.50"LAT=42.25690 LON=-73.12100 BECKET WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4240732 0415 Z DH2104/DVH21/PPV 0.66"LAT=42.41798 LON=-73.22884 PITTSFIELD WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260741 0415 Z DH2319/DVH23/PPV 0.50"LAT=42.55806 LON=-74.09384 SOUTH BERNE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300744 0415 Z DH2250/DVH23/PPV 0.65"LAT=42.96961 LON=-74.37194 FONDA WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4290730 0415 Z DH2245/DVH23/PPV 0.90"LAT=42.88864 LON=-73.01248 WOODFORD WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4290730 0415 Z DH2148/DVH22/PPV 0.80"LAT=42.88864 LON=-73.01248 WOODFORD WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4210743 0415 Z DH2212/DVH22/PPV 0.99"LAT=42.06591 LON=-74.33754 PHOENICIA WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300741 0415 Z DH2253/DVH23/PPV 0.46"LAT=43.01337 LON=-74.07842 GALWAY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300741 0415 Z DH2201/DVH22/PPV 0.28"LAT=43.01337 LON=-74.07842 GALWAY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4350734 0415 Z DH2302/DVH23/PPV 1.00"LAT=43.54718 LON=-73.39568 WHITEHALL WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4350734 0415 Z DH2159/DVH22/PPV 0.96"LAT=43.54718 LON=-73.39568 WHITEHALL WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4340733 0415 Z DH2202/DVH22/PPV 0.40"LAT=43.40046 LON=-73.26612 GRANVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4250732 0415 Z DH2157/DVH22/PPV 0.79"LAT=42.50815 LON=-73.23734 LANESBOROUGH WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4270738 0415 Z DH2150/DVH22/PPV 0.37"LAT=42.73325 LON=-73.84295 COLONIE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4230739 0415 Z DH2256/DVH23/PPV 0.41"LAT=42.29556 LON=-73.94061 EARLTON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4290733 0415 Z DH2219/DVH22/PPV 0.43"LAT=42.90500 LON=-73.34850 HOOSICK FALLS WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280742 0415 Z DH2308/DVH23/PPV 0.76"LAT=42.76791 LON=-74.18184 DUANESBURG WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4240733 0416 Z DH0000/DVH24/PPV 1.24"LAT=42.43000 LON=-73.29000 PITTSFIELD MUNICIPAL AP ASOS "/  
.A X4260738 0415 Z DH2345/DVH24/PPV 0.50"LAT=42.63071 LON=-73.82104 DELMAR WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260738 0415 Z DH2325/DVH23/PPV 0.46"LAT=42.63071 LON=-73.82104 DELMAR WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260738 0415 Z DH2240/DVH23/PPV 0.37"LAT=42.63071 LON=-73.82104 DELMAR WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260738 0415 Z DH2206/DVH22/PPV 0.35"LAT=42.63071 LON=-73.82104 DELMAR WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260738 0415 Z DH2156/DVH22/PPV 0.33"LAT=42.63071 LON=-73.82104 DELMAR WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4230735 0415 Z DH2311/DVH23/PPV 0.88"LAT=42.31924 LON=-73.49641 SPENCERTOWN WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4230735 0415 Z DH2209/DVH22/PPV 0.46"LAT=42.31924 LON=-73.49641 SPENCERTOWN WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4160739 0416 Z DH0000/DVH24/PPV 0.81"LAT=41.63000 LON=-73.88000 HUDSON VALLEY REGION ASOS "/  
.A X4260746 0415 Z DH2242/DVH23/PPV 0.47"LAT=42.62709 LON=-74.58513 RICHMONDVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4200736 0415 Z DH2315/DVH23/PPV 0.34"LAT=42.03699 LON=-73.64491 ANCRAMDALE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280738 0415 Z DH2213/DVH22/PPV 0.25"LAT=42.84274 LON=-73.77696 CLIFTON PARK WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280738 0415 Z DH2131/DVH22/PPV 0.18"LAT=42.84274 LON=-73.77696 CLIFTON PARK WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330736 0416 Z DH0000/DVH24/PPV 0.76"LAT=43.34000 LON=-73.61000 FLOYD BENNETT MEMORIAL ASOS "/  
.A X4270738 0415 Z DH2330/DVH24/PPV 0.70"LAT=42.65774 LON=-73.79744 ALBANY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260743 0415 Z DH2203/DVH22/PPV 0.94"LAT=42.56370 LON=-74.32920 MIDDLEBURGH WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4250746 0415 Z DH2201/DVH22/PPV 0.75"LAT=42.45817 LON=-74.58128 JEFFERSON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4270743 0415 Z DH2303/DVH23/PPV 1.00"LAT=42.65750 LON=-74.29587 SCHOHARIE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4180740 0415 Z DH2140/DVH22/PPV 0.30"LAT=41.82487 LON=-73.96595 ESOPUS WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4340743 0415 Z DH2231/DVH23/PPV 0.95"LAT=43.43943 LON=-74.31615 WELLS WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4340733 0415 Z DH2259/DVH23/PPV 0.75"LAT=43.38437 LON=-73.34672 GRANVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4290745 0415 Z DH2203/DVH22/PPV 0.35"LAT=42.90080 LON=-74.52665 PALATINE BRIDGE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280736 0415 Z DH2327/DVH23/PPV 0.41"LAT=42.76159 LON=-73.61204 CENTER BRUNSWICK WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280736 0415 Z DH2156/DVH22/PPV 0.24"LAT=42.76159 LON=-73.61204 CENTER BRUNSWICK WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4290739 0415 Z DH2212/DVH22/PPV 0.30"LAT=42.94816 LON=-73.93747 CHARLTON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4250747 0415 Z DH2251/DVH23/PPV 0.80"LAT=42.52004 LON=-74.69606 CHARLOTTEVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4250747 0415 Z DH2158/DVH22/PPV 0.75"LAT=42.52004 LON=-74.69606 CHARLOTTEVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330737 0415 Z DH2308/DVH23/PPV 0.56"LAT=43.28566 LON=-73.72278 QUEENSBURY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330737 0415 Z DH2234/DVH23/PPV 0.50"LAT=43.28566 LON=-73.72278 QUEENSBURY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330737 0415 Z DH2206/DVH22/PPV 0.45"LAT=43.28566 LON=-73.72278 QUEENSBURY WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4310740 0415 Z DH2216/DVH22/PPV 0.56"LAT=43.13741 LON=-73.97612 LAKE DESOLATION WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4280740 0415 Z DH2158/DVH22/PPV 0.21"LAT=42.84118 LON=-73.96713 GLENVILLE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300742 0415 Z DH2200/DVH22/PPV 0.60"LAT=42.95539 LON=-74.20495 AMSTERDAM WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330728 0415 Z DH2323/DVH23/PPV 0.63"LAT=43.29158 LON=-72.83854 LANDGROVE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4330728 0415 Z DH2150/DVH22/PPV 0.56"LAT=43.29158 LON=-72.83854 LANDGROVE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4270738 0416 Z DH0000/DVH24/PPV 0.65"LAT=42.74911 LON=-73.80197 ALBANY INTL AP ASOS "/  
.A X4250733 0415 Z DH2308/DVH23/PPV 1.07"LAT=42.47885 LON=-73.27406 PITTSFIELD WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4250733 0415 Z DH2213/DVH22/PPV 0.84"LAT=42.47885 LON=-73.27406 PITTSFIELD WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4200742 0415 Z DH2258/DVH23/PPV 0.31"LAT=41.95644 LON=-74.19640 OLIVEBRIDGE WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4320734 0415 Z DH2148/DVH22/PPV 0.44"LAT=43.20343 LON=-73.42092 COSSAYUNA WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300744 0415 Z DH2201/DVH22/PPV 0.60"LAT=42.95294 LON=-74.37406 FONDA WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4350738 0415 Z DH2258/DVH23/PPV 0.75"LAT=43.49005 LON=-73.78656 WARRENSBURG WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4230740 0415 Z DH2212/DVH22/PPV 0.50"LAT=42.30665 LON=-74.01118 CAIRO WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4220739 0415 Z DH2224/DVH22/PPV 0.37"LAT=42.21614 LON=-73.87092 CATSKILL WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4270732 0416 Z DH0000/DVH24/PPV 1.25"LAT=42.70000 LON=-73.17000 HARRIMAN-AND-WEST-AI ASOS "/  
.A X4220745 0415 Z DH2246/DVH23/PPV 0.85"LAT=42.21773 LON=-74.46866 HALCOTT CENTER WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4220734 0415 Z DH2201/DVH22/PPV 0.51"LAT=42.20000 LON=-73.35510 GREAT BARRINGTON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4190739 0415 Z DH2202/DVH22/PPV 0.33"LAT=41.86303 LON=-73.86388 STAATSBURG WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260737 0415 Z DH2304/DVH23/PPV 0.30"LAT=42.55813 LON=-73.69342 CASTLETON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4260737 0415 Z DH2339/DVH24/PPV 0.30"LAT=42.55813 LON=-73.69342 CASTLETON WEATHERNET6 "/  
.A X4300742 0415 Z DH2237/DVH23/PPV 0.62"LAT=42.99299 LON=-74.18303 PERTH WEATHERNET6 "/  


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